Professional care, provided by people with commitment, experience and passion

An innovative form of providing care services in the place of residence for people in need, with the utmost caution and in accordance with all recommendations related to the prevailing COVID-19 virus

Resident Needs Audit, which guarantees that the care will be tailored to the individual needs of each person to the highest extent

Enterprising people - who are they for us?

Thanks to these people, the level of well-being of people in the world will be increasing with incredible speed…

They are people who deal with helping their loved ones and know the dimension and hardship of this help. When Enterprising People will notice the existence of the TeleCare system, they will breathe a sigh of relief seeing what tool for providing care is available on the market and how easy it is to help not only your loved ones, but also many other people around you. Especially now, when the restrictions resulting from the prevailing COVID-19 virus require us to limit direct contact with people, avoid public places, or deal with all kinds of administrative, official and even medical matters remotely. Further recommendations related to maintaining additional hygiene rules for oneself and the environment, as well as maintaining a safe distance from the person we speak with, make many forms of direct help provided so far an additional potential threat, both for the Caregiver and the person in need of care.

With the appropriate knowledge and prepared to act, the Coordinator, in cooperation with the Mobile Caregiver, are able to provide the necessary assistance to the Residents of the platform and react quickly enough in emergency situations, while minimizing the risk associated with direct contact with potentially infected persons. In the case of Residents of the platform subject to Quarantine, the Coordinator will organize actions in such a way that such a person also receives the necessary help and support, eliminating the risk of direct contact with another person. The Mobile Caregiver will provide the Quarantined Resident with the necessary shopping products, medicines or meals, leaving them at the door of the apartment, and the Coordinator will notify such person when it will be safe to pick them up, thus ensuring the safety of all cooperating people.

These people, and most often their relatives, who do not live with Residents, but very often far away from them in other countries, will be interested in co-financing such assistance for their relatives. The entrepreneur will present a subscription offer for the provision of such care, depending on the personal requirements of the Resident, confirmed by a previously conducted Resident Needs Audit. Information about good deeds spreads very quickly and subsequent Enterprising People will learn about the possibility of providing such services in their environment, so they will ask about the possibility of purchasing the TeleCare system.

Why our platform?

Problem: Only 1.5% of elderly people in Poland benefits from care services in their place of residence, despite the fact that research conducted by the Supreme Audit Office (NIK) in 2016 showed that this form of assistance is more friendly to seniors than staying in 24-hour care homes. Such services are also four times cheaper on average than stationary services, which shows how large is the potential market open to us and how attractive the investment is. The lack of nationwide standards for the provision of care services in the place of residence creates problems in assigning the appropriate scope of such services to those in need and makes it difficult to verify the quality of work of carergivers who provide services.

Solution: TeleCare platform, which is an innovative and financially beneficial approach to the issue of providing care services in the place of residence. The platform aims to introduce new standards for the provision of such services and to solve problems related to the effective supervision of their quality and correctness, while maintaining the utmost caution and all recommendations resulting from the prevailing COVID-19 virus. Taking care of our grandmother or grandfather already makes us an enterprising person. Are you the owner of a caring company? Do you look after your family / relatives or provide such services on your own account? With TeleCare you can earn money on your own or with the support of a Mobile Caregiver. In our starter pack (for a maximum of 10 Residents), we offer you 100% of the platform’s capabilities – see for yourself how new opportunities open up for you!

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