Providing safety and care for your Relatives, tailored to their individual needs and with special care due to the threat posed by the prevailing COVID-19 virus

Friendly and easy-to-use technology, which will allow you to maintain constant contact with your Relatives, also letting you monitor their health and well-being at any time

Guarantee of mental comfort – when you know that your Relatives can safely enjoy life and are among the people who will take care of them

Relatives - who are they for us?

The Relatives are those who nowadays have left their multigenerational family homes in search for work all over the world…

They left their Relatives, leaving them alone at home, very often without the necessary support, even the most precious – spiritual one. They did it for a very important reason – the need to support the family and improve living conditions, as well as the will to develop professionally and socially.

The euphoria associated with such very right actions very often obscures important family values that have been developed over the years in the so-called “Multigenerational House”. The consequence of this type of process is the fact that Seniors remain not only alone, but also helpless in their homes, without any care or the possibility of asking anyone for such care. This situation becomes even more difficult due to the prevailing COVID-19 virus, which in many ways limits direct contact between people and requires Seniors to be extremely careful at every step. In the case of quarantined people, they are often completely cut off from the outside world and the help of their Relatives.

This is where the solution of a Multigenerational House with mobile application for Family and Relatives comes in handy. Each Resident has the possibility to authorize people considered as close to them to download a special mobile application to ensure the return of the Multigenerational Home from the cloud. From now on, the Residents regained the comfort of life from the old days, and additionally gained the possibility of 24/7 contact and help from the family and Relatives, so much needed in the times of the reigning Coronavirus.

Why our platform?

Problem: Increasing number of elderly people who are often abandoned by younger family members due to them finding a job or living in another city or country (over 9 million seniors, including approx. 2 million that require help in their daily existence). In the situation of the prevailing COVID-19 virus, such people need appropriate help and support, especially in the case of people under quarantine.

Solution: Nursing services provided for the Senior at his place of residence by the Mobile Caregiver with the support of the Coordinator from the Call Center and a mobile application that allows selected family members and Relatives to be authorized for providing care and maintaining constant contact with the person in need.


Terminal for your Relatives, which will provide them with constant contact with the Coordinator at the Call Center and selected people thanks to video calls, as well as increase the sense of safety, remind them of important events, encourage to be active and allow them to fully enjoy life.

A qualified Coordinator at the Call Center will ensure that your Relatives are kept informed of the current recommendations and limitations resulting from the prevailing COVID-19 virus and will organize appropriate and safe actiions to support people in quarantine.

Mobile Caregiver, cooperating with the Coordinator at the Call Center, who personally watches over the people close to you and spends time with them at their place of residence, fulfilling their needs.

A return to the idea of a family and a multi-generational home, which once was the most important element, uniting families under one roof.

A multifunctional mobile application that allows you to maintain constant contact with your Relatives and support them when they need it.

Resident needs Audit, which aims to accurately determine the needs of your Relatives and select appropriate care for them.

Mental comfort for you – when you can oversee how people close to you enjoy living in their own home, having adequate care provided, which is especially difficult now due to the prevailing COVID-19 virus. And it’s all thanks to your commitment.

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