Coordinator – this is your personal adviser who always provides you with the best advice and informs you about any current recommendations and limitations related to the prevailing COVID-19 virus

Modern technology, individually tailored to your needs and expectations

Mobile Caregiver who watches over your well-being, health and provides the necessary support during quarantine

Residents - who are they for us?

The purpose of the system is to support the Coordinator in taking care of Residents in a professional manner from the moment they start using the platform…

From now on, it will become their best friend, because it opens up horizons for the Resident that he could not even think about to this day. The coordinator – his life advisor – will contact him at the right moment and meet expectations that he has not yet had time to think about. He will provide answers to bothering questions, the lack of which can have a negative impact on his well-being and health.

The coordinator will take care of the resident, provide him with the necessary information about the recommendations and limitations related to the current COVID-19 virus and how such a person can find himself in these new, difficult conditions. He will encourage him to be active and advise on what activities and nutrition will be best for him, so that he can enjoy every moment of his precious life. In the case of quarantined Residents, the Coordinator will organize actions in an appropriate manner so that these people also receive the necessary support, providing them with basic necessities, shopping products, medicines and meals, without endangering the Mobile Caregiver and other people supporting these actions. Through the Coordinator, the Resident gets to know new areas of life or new corners of the world, because the new technology of the platform he uses ceases to keep secrets from him. The Coordinator deals with the operation of the entire system on his behalf, leaving the Resident with what he expects – only benefits.

Why our platform?

Problem: Increasing numbers of elderly people who are not adequately cared for or are left alone and struggling to survive on their own. The situation is additionally complicated by the prevailing COVID-19 virus, which imposes additional restrictions and makes many forms of direct help a potential threat

Solution: A modern platform, which is a combination of qualified staff and thoughtful technology, aimed at supporting people in need and extending their life and improving its quality, also for people quarantined due to the prevailing COVID-19 virus


Coordinator at the Call Center – a qualified person who manages the work of Mobile Caregivers and maintains constant contact with his Residents. He oversees your needs, encourages you to be active, helps with ordering services such as a hairdresser or “handyman” and informs you about any current recommendations and restrictions related to the COVID-19 virus, and in the event of an emergency, notifies the appropriate services and cooperates with them so that the help can arrive as soon as possible.

Mobile Caregiver – a person cooperating with the Coordinator, who will personally take care of your health and well-being by visiting you at your place of residence and supporting you in everyday activities, while taking care of all precautions related to the COVID-19 virus. The work of volunteers is also important here, and they are also often ready to spend time with those in need.

Terminal for a Senior/Dependent person – a device tailored to your individual needs, allowing for convenient communication with the Coordinator at the Call Center and Relatives, also having many applications that will make you feel safe in your own home and letting you enjoy life with joy.

Smartphone App for Relatives – allows your family and Relatives to stay in constant contact with you.

Smart Home – the possibility of equipping the apartment with many intelligent sensors, the task of which is to increase your safety and alert you in emergency situations.

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