No cameras – you don’t have to worry about your privacy

No wearable devices – you don’t need to carry anything with you

Without any buttons – system is fully automatic

What is the Activity Monitor?


The Activity Monitor is a device that uses radio waves to scan a room 24 hours a day…

The sensor detects the presence of people, records their behavior and reacts in the event of a fall.
When a fall occurs, the Activity Monitor sends a text message to the primary caregiver letting you know that the fall has occurred and that help is needed.

A special web panel and mobile application allows you to read the information collected by the Activity Monitor about events, such as entering and leaving the room, presence in designated subzones and fall events. All collected data are archived in the system on an ongoing basis.

How it works

The Activity Monitor consists of three modules

I. A sensor that registers the presence of people in the room, their behavior and reacts in the event of a fall.

II. Internet panel that allows you to configure devices and assign them to rooms, read the data collected by sensors and access the history of all recorded events. In the event of a fall, an audible and visual alarm message is displayed on the panel.

III. Mobile application that allows you to pair devices with a Wi-Fi network and configure them. The application also allows you to read the data collected by the sensors, and in the event of a fall event, the user will be notified with an appropriate alarm message.

The device is not a camera – you don’t have to worry that the user will be recorded. The sensor uses low-power radio waves to scan a room and generate an image of the point cloud.

The Activity Monitor ensures constant monitoring and automatic notifications about events – no action by the Resident is required. The use of the Activity Monitor requires an internet connection and the service is subject to a subscription fee.

Activity Monitor - Benefits

Real-time Fall Alerts

Notifications about entering or
leaving the room

Notifications about entering / leaving a designated subzone (e.g. beds or bathrooms)

Monitoring the time spent
to rest

Protection against unknowingly
leaving the bed at night

Monitoring the time and frequency of
staying in the bathroom or toilet

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